About Alytus BAC / Structure


DIRECTOR Algimanta Ščiglinskienė

1. Project creation, administration, implementation, consultation.

2. Preparation of non-formal education programs.
3. EU Structural and international fund project development (training and cooperation in cluster economy, creative industries, business training, non-formal adult education.)

Phone +370 315 74357, +370 652 81500; e-mail: direktore@avkc.lt


Loreta.jpgLawyer - consultant Loreta Bajorūnaitė

Preparation of legal documents, consulting of clients, office employees. Consulting about business start-up etablishment, restructuring, reorganization. liquidation of business, commercial, labor, civil law issues.

Pfone +370 315 74375; +370 682 50121; e-mail: info@avkc.lt

Chief financier Onutė Ulčickienė

Accounting, project finance, project administration and monitoring.

Phone: +370 315 74357; +370 675 48097; e-mail: info@avkc.lt

Business Consultant Rimantas Dagilis

1. Export consultancy: product introduction, serving customer inquiries, arranging for meetings and negotiations with potential customers, trial deliveries, contract preparation, assistance in selling process, conflict management and resolution, maintaining relationships with customers.

2. Managing sales, marketing budgets, product positioning and pricing, competitor monitoring, product research and development.

Pfone: +370 315 74357; +370 682 50121; e-mail: info@avkc.lt


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